What’s so terrible?

So much is being made of the “last 8 years” and the “failed Bush” administration, economics and policies, ad naseaum, that I wonder if anyone can continue to believe this garbage. Least of all those who believe that an Obama administration will make them better off!

Let’s look at it up until the sudden, current economic woes and ignore the responsibility the Democratic Congress, especially Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and Barack Obama (who are the top recipients of largess bestowed by the very people we are bailing out)! Lets also ignore the slew of democratic initiatives pushed by Nancy Pelosi and passed by the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY that played a major part in the “meltdown”.

As I see it, and with history unrevised, lets consider a few results of the “failed policies” and economics, like the bush tax cuts and war on terror;

  • The GNP, a measure of economic soundness, has seen a steady increase
  • EVERYONE has seen a tax reduction
  • Employment is at an all time high, so much so that even given the recent layoffs there are still more Americans working than under any other administration!
  • We haven’t experienced a terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11.
  • Iraq is a fledging democratic society in the Middle East.
  • President Bush is a fan of more big government and social programs.

So please tell me what don’t you like about that? Barack Obama promises the same, more jobs and bigger government. Or how about lower taxes? In fact the Bush tax cuts that will be allowed to expire under an Obama administration will mean YOUR TAXES WILL GO UP yet he can keep his “promise” not to increase taxes! That’s a change from political double speak?

Give me a break! Stop whining and take a look at the facts, if you want change you aren’t going to find it in Barack Obama. You aren’t likely to find it in John McCain either, however Sarah Palin promises real change, to finally clean out the corruption, reduce the size and scope of government and the intrusion into our lives, etc., etc., and etc.!

Elect John McCain who represents the better of two undesirable candidates. Put your hope in Sarah Palin for 2012 that the next four years will prove her ready, fit and able to take on the role of the President of the United States. She is one of us.

God Bless America, God save America!