I had a dream

I woke up on November 5th expecting the worst scenario I could imagine, that Barack Hussein Obama won the presidential election and the democrats had swept the House and Senate races. Newspapers like the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and even our own Hartford Courant were anxiously awaiting their “anointed ones” ascension to leader of the “free” world. A country where government would soon embrace a decidedly socialist agenda in the sprit of Karl Marx. “from each according to his ability” (what you earn)  “To each according to his need” (give it to those that don’t work). I envisioned a scene that I understood from visiting relatives from a then Communist Poland. When mom brought our cousin grocery shopping on a Wednesday morning, the cousin expressed utter confusion at the near empty store and asked “where are all the customers”? Mom replied it was Wednesday morning  and the stores are usually quiet, to which our cousin replied “but…. there’s  food on the shelves”! Such are the realities when self sufficiency and hard work is rewarded by confiscation of your earnings. As government takes more and more away from the productive to give to the unproductive in the name of fairness, production spirals ever downward, until it ceases

But! To my surprise what we were led to believe was wrong, a great majority of voters did not sweep the false prophet of change or his minions into office! The exact opposite was true, everyone understood!  The results of ambition and hard work are not a right, though the opportunity to advance your  station in life and the freedom to seek such advancement without government interference is.  Government will not be engineering a society where ambition and hard work is punished and those that lacked the same are rewarded. Whether you move up or not is a matter of free choice, government is not responsible. At their own peril, the media was finally understood to be in concert with the liberal elite in attempting to deceive the public through unashamed biased reporting. America as we grew up in was safe!

Then I awoke.