Obama’s Ego problem

Obama’s ego my have catastrophic effects on the country through decisions he or others make after he melts down due to the certainty of negativity to his agenda, think about this:

  • We know he has a huge ego or a god complex
  • He can’t stand any one questioning his policies (Joe the Plumber)
  • He doesn’t want the cartoonists to characterize his ears (Article)
  • He’s cautioned the White House Press Corps to not write negatively about him
  • He has DCCC petitioning against Rush Limbaugh for speaking out against him (See their website)
  • Editorial saying that criticizing the president is treason (unbelievable)
  • Another editorial claimed the “honeymoon” is over because Obama was slightly criticized

When you admonish the press and tell them what they can or can’t write or how they can portray him, he’s quashing the first amendment to protect his projected image. When you have the DCCC jumping on a commentator, out of context, for expressing his views you can bet Obama was behind it. Or are they so stupid they didn’t think it would backfire?

I believe all the above are signs that Obama is so self possessed that he will cave under the pressure of scrutiny and criticism, and when the inevitable end to the Obama love affair comes along he’ll have a breakdown. Either they will hide it and our “first time I’ve ever been proud of our country” or a buffoon called Biden will be calling the shots, any way you look at it we’re still screwed!

Was it said, someone liked to interview the Pope because they only had to kiss his ring!