Ugly Swirl of Accusations

So much has been said and so much has been ignored regarding the media bias in favor of the left wing, their socialist agenda and their Democratic lap dogs, that it seems hopeless the main stream media will ever mend it’s ways.

A good example is the recent article about Caroline Kennedy and the “ugly swirl of rumors” surrounding her dropping out of consideration for Hillary’s Senate seat.

The first time I saw any MSM reports of the “ugly rumors” was in the article citing them as the reason she dropped out! Like that was the reason she folded, not Governor Patterson signaling he wasn’t going to name her, forget her “qualifications you know”. I immediately thought about Sarah Palin and the MSM feeding frenzy over a maelstrom of ugly rumors about her and the daily “reporting” with the certainty they’re all true and their frantic attempts to verify them!

Day after day of Palin Bashing, and they’re still afraid of her!

Talk about bias, what crap! Impartiality is all but gone.