What Change?

What are we to do regarding the free pass from the main stream media that Barack Obama continues to enjoy?  Short of continuing to press our valid points regarding his associations, concerns about his leftist agenda, (lack of) record and criticism of his policies and appointments, we may well have to wait until proverbial “hell freezes over”. 

We can hope (God, I hate to use that word now) this love affair will cool over time or we can press our opposition at every turn. I don’t have much hope and vote to press on and on and on, as long as  Barack Obama occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President elect empty suit continues to make campaign speeches full of high sounding rhetoric  without saying anything other than to give himself an out regardless of the issue. He obviously knows what concerns the populace and he has perfected a method of telling us what’s wrong and what will happen if it’s not addressed. But what solutions has he put forward ….  nothing at all, yet everyone believes that he’s in tune with them!

So many people are looking for change and hoping he has solutions to the fear of the day that it’s no wonder he’s only spouting hope and change. He’s realized he doesn’t need specifics, he only needs the masses to identify with his message and identify they have. And we thought Willie was slick, well surprise, BHO is filing his cabinet with Clitonistas, including HRC herself, to me that says all we need to know about the promised change, to paraphrase “tell me it ain’t so”.