Momentum is on our side for the near future, but beware! When Obama said the country isn’t going to make a sudden turn to the hard left if he were elected it wasn’t meant to say relax, I’m not a hard leftist. Obama’s record is more to the left than the announced socialist in the US Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont!

What Obama meant was that the momentum of our government wouldn’t allow an immediate hard left shift. That it would take time to get legislation passed that would move us deeper and deeper into socialism, and more time to stack the courts with Federal Judges that share his agenda. Time to make appointments to the Supreme Court, not with constitutional scholars but socialist judges who believe, as he does, that the constitution is a “flawed” document!

Make no mistake, Obama has promised that he will move this country away from capitalism to socialism as fast as he can. God forbid, if Obama is elected, that Democrats gain a 2/3 majority in congress, allowing any and all left wing legislation to pass unhindered by conservative Republicans, as they would be powerless to stop it.