Obama wore MILITARY surplus

According to CBS News “There was a time before Obama wore tailored suits – when his wardrobe consisted of $5 military-surplus khakis” – SURPLUS! Because he NEVER served his country nor carries the scars John McCain almost gave his life for. He should have been ashamed!

I remember being discharged from the Army in 1971, mere hours after returning to the United States from Vietnam. “Anti war” crowds were harassing our men in uniform as they flew our airways and rode our trains and busses. We were warned to travel in civilian clothes to avoid being accosted on our travels! Obama’s friends like Bill Ayers and other’s who were, and are still, seeking the downfall of our society had created that much hatred of our military. We (servicemen and women) were doing our duty, serving our country, fighting against communist aggression to preserve freedom for another nation, the same freedom that Obama’s pals were using against us to incite those attacks.

I traveled home wearing my Army Dress Greens.